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We know the problems that come up when buying pair of sunglasses: low quality materials, shape doesn’t fit right, low quality lens and so on.


  • Durable Build
  • Light Weight
  • Polarized Lens With Anti-Fog Technology
  • UV400 Protection
  • Peripheral Vision Protection
  • Silicone Stability Elements
  • Perfect For Outdoor Activities, Sports or Driving
  • Unique Design That  Fit You Great in Any Situation
  • High Quality Materials
  • The Molecule Group Co. spent time and effort in designing this specific pair of sunglasses, we invest in health and well being and stand by our products

    Buy Our Sunglasses And Enjoy:

    • Great Comfort
    •  A Stylish Look
    • Designed For Any Type Of Face
    • Can Be Worn By Men And Women

    There are thousands of happy customers that enjoy our Molecule Sunglasses.

    Buying our sunglasses you will receive:

    • The Molecule Sports Sunglasse
    • The Microfiber Cloth – Cleans without scratching the surface of the lens or frames
    • The Soft Pouch – Great for carrying around in your bag
    • The Hard Case – Prevents any damage to the sunglasses , can be attached to any backpack or bag

    What We Offer:

    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • 100% Satisfaction NO RISK 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • One Email Away From a New Pair or a Full Refund
    • Lifetime Breakage Guarantee

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    POLARIZED LENS with 100% UV400 protection help you see objects more clearly and block the harmful effects of UV light. The lenses protect your peripheral vision as well

    REDUCED GLARE ANTI-FOG System with no distortion. The lens do not alter your vision

    VERY LIGHT, DURABLE & GREAT STYLE, – Lightweight frames are great for any outdoor activities like running, fishing, baseball, skiing, climbing , driving or motorcycle riding and extreme sports

    90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- All Molecule Sunglasses customers enjoy a 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE